Little Red Bars for a Valentine’s Date

Arriving in Paris, I got the opportunity to taste cocktails in the top cocktail bars in the world.
Starting with number 36 – Little Red Door

Since the very early age of 15, I discovered what a pleasure cocktails are. So in the last decade, I mastered the art of “cocktail tasting” and bar hopping. Discovering the new best bar in my hometown become my kind of sport. Of course, I never drink more than two a night.

Arriving in Paris, I got the opportunity to taste a whole new palette of savors. In the city of love getting drunk is not that hard. I started by googling the top places to drink cocktails. Little did I know, but 2 of the top 50 cocktail bars in the world are here in Paris. Being a Virgo, I can’t wait to get to the bottom of this new list that I found.
Starting with number 36 – Little Red Door. My first guess is that the name is inspired by the tale “Little Red Riding Hood”. Who knows?

You could never accidentally stumble upon this bar. It’s one of those places that you have to know before coming here. The street is the most ordinary one in the city, the grey facade of the building is in the typical Parisian architecture, only a bright red door catches the eye. Don’t be scared if the door does not open when you push it. The actual way to enter is on the left. Sometimes a guy is standing in front of the bar, giving you riddles or asking for a password. There is no password other than being nice and having a sense of humor.

The bar is a very small, cozy place. If you’re a cocktail enthusiast like me, you would probably prefer the bar from where you can observe the whole process of making the BEST cocktails in the world. Sadly, I did not come alone and the group decides to sit on the comfy chairs. The quiet chaos in the furniture is very pleasing to the eye – it’s the exact amount of hipster that a millennial would need to feel in his element.

The waiter/waitresses are very helpful with tips if you’re overwhelmed with the menu. Once you come here, you’re hooked. The menu changes often and you can always discover a new flavor. The names of the cocktails are inspired by words in different languages, often with a definition that does not exist in any other language/culture. To be honest, I don’t recognise most of the ingredients as well.

After a very long discussion, we decide to choose 4 different cocktails that we will all try. Our final decision is this:

Madrugada (Spanish) – The late-night silence of the walk home, the early morning city sounds

Mauri (Te Reo Mãori) – Our connection to each other and the world around us. We share a force of life, principles, emotions

Počemúčka (Russian) – Why is the sky blue? Why are strawberries red? Why does that person keep asking questions?!

Ubunto (Nguni Bantu) – I am because we are; together we are greater

Overall, it’s a great experience that one should try at least once. It could be a very nice place for a casual St. Valentine’s date.