A day at the Opera

The next stop on my to-do list in Paris is the magnificent Opera House. This not so hidden gem had secrets of its own

The next stop on my to-do list in Paris is the magnificent Opera House. During the last couple of weeks, I was trying to do more of the interesting stuff that every tourist does but also to discover the hidden gems of the city. This one, I admit, is rather an obvious choice. The Opera House triumphs in the middle of a big square, always busy with cars, buses, and numerous pedestrians.

Recently, I watched a vlog about an unusual invention that was meant to be placed amid this cacophony. Since Parisians were very against a subway, one navy captain decided that traveling in the air would be a more logical choice of transportation. I’m not talking about air balloons or flying cars but about ships. These ships would have navigated from one lamppost to another so that all the passengers could still admire the Opera and everything else around them. I’m not making stuff up; you could check out this video and learn all about the project and why they built a subway after all.

So, after watching this I was compelled to come and give a closer look at the Opera. I was happy to discover that I was one of the few who decided to spend their afternoon here. The Opera is closed during the summer which means that there are no performances in the evening.

The visitors enter through a door on the side of the building but one could still climb the main stairs. The ceiling reveals Olympus with all the Greek gods. Even though it’s the middle of the day, the building is quite dark and the only light comes from the chandeliers. There is certainly a magical feeling that starts to envelop me.

On the second floor, there is a big room where the gentlemen were having their cigars during the intermission. Entering this room is like entering Versaille. All the golden ornaments and paintings are simply breathtaking. I love the castle outside of Paris and I never knew that I could catch a glimpse of the same luxury so close to my home.

Another thing that I hadn’t noticed even though I take a picture of this place every time I walk by it is that the balcony is open for visits. Looking from above is not so eventful as one may think because you see only cars, cars and more cars.

I would also like to mention the two identical rooms that symbolized the sun and the moon and the little library in the left-wing of the Opera. These little elements are an enchanting part of the House. The stage is kept off-limits for everyone that didn’t buy a ticket for the evening entertainment.

For this cultural visit, I chose to wear a simple navy blue and white dress. The French are famous for their preference for stripes and I have to admit that it grew on me. To give the whole outfit a structure, I always put a belt so that the dress is not shapeless.

Thus ends the little walk in one of the nicest buildings in the middle of the capitol.