Eye Catching Accessory Trend for 2019

Hats are an accessory that is hardly used in everyday outfits. Every time you decide to put a hat on, people immediately start to notice you more. That’s why I’m very surprised that fashion savvy people do not have a hat collection in their closet. I personally have only a few, but I get a really special feeling when I wear them.


One thing that never gets out of style is the beret. If you ask a French girl if she has a collection of berets, she’ll definitely say “No”. This is such a cliché. I lived a couple of months in Nice and then moved to Bordeaux, but for the whole time I never ever saw a girl with a beret. That’s not stopping me from wearing one myself. The one that I chose for these pictures is a classic plaid cap that is usually used when describing Sherlock Holmes.

Berets are romantic and chic and sometimes are bringing a regular outfit to the next level. It’s a tricky piece of accessory because it could easily be the “too much” element. One can dress down the hat with an oversized sweater or boyfriend jeans. At first look, the beret is a very girly hat, but at the same time, every tomboy could style it in a more casual way.

My whole outfit is a combination of different plaid pattern. Plaid is used a lot during the fall season, but since it’s still not snowing in my home town, I took the opportunity to go for a walk with my plaid dress. High boots and no high heels is a cheap trick to be comfortable and still look like you made an effort in the morning while choosing your outfit.