About me

This is a blog telling the story of a twenty-something girl who is trying to manage her life while wearing her favorite pair of heels. The millennial life isn’t easy and we often feel misunderstood. Like many of you, mine is also a roller coaster of emotions, travels, difficult choices, good friends and interesting food. The only thing that is organised in this mess is my closet! I love fashion and I want to show you my personal take on it. It is an interesting mixture of all the cultures and countries where I have lived. My style is definitely classy and elegant, influenced by the time I was living on the French Riviera. I also like to try out some “hipster” outfits, typical for Berlin, where I also spent some time during my studies. Finally, I bring in a touch of glam from my home country Bulgaria, where we love some glitter and sparkle in out everyday.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !!

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