Oscars Aftermath or What happened last night

Oscar awards and fashion statements – my opinion on the events from the 91st Academy Awards

The big waiting is over and we already know who won an Oscar during the 91st Academy Awards. Last night was exciting and contained some surprises. I personally liked a lot the fact that there was no host. The whole ceremony was more dynamic and we still heard enough political jokes. I hope that they’ll keep this format for the next couple of years as well.

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The bad side of the Oscars is the negative backlash that we read in the press the next day. Apart from the “Best dressed” articles, we are not able to escape the dissatisfaction of most people. The most common topics are racism, feminism, and gay rights.
For example, the movie that won “Best Picture” was “Green Book”. The film is telling the story of a tour of southern states by African-American classical and jazz pianist Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali) and his bodyguard/driver Tony Vallelonga (played by Aragorn). During his acceptance speech of Peter Farrelly thanked Viggo for his amazing work. Most people asked why the special thanks were addressed only to the white actor. Other racist remarks were made on Twitter with people complaining why in a movie about a black musician the cast is still 80% white. Nowadays being white is something that one will be criticized in any situation. My thoughts on this specific case are that Viggo was thanked because he was one of the few in the cast and crew that did not receive an award. He got praised for a job well done in a movie where he was leading actor. I hope that one day very soon there will be equality and the focus on this kind of events will stay on the talent and not on the color of the skin.

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The leading actor award went to Rami Malik. His speech was very empowering and inspiring. He talked about being different, not fitting in a place, struggling to find his identity. We could learn a lot from Rami and Freddy about living without regrets and without doubting oneself. It is difficult to remain yourself when the whole world is judging you. I was touched by his speech that felt very real and authentic. Sadly, the LGBTQ community called him out for saying that Freddy was bi and not gay. It’s a mistake, yes, but let’s not forget that we’re humans and humans make mistakes.

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One of the movies that caught my eye was “Period. End of sentence”. I agree that men should be more educated about the female body and the changes that we endure our whole life. I’m happy that this theme is becoming more open and more discussed since it’s something natural and this phenomenon happens to 50% of the globe. It’s a good thing that I have a Netflix subscription.

Before the whole fuss about movies, there was the celebration of fashion. I didn’t guess any of the dresses however my assumption about the color palette was on point. There were a lot of nude and pale tones including Jason Mamoa’s velvet costume. Black was as always present on the red carpet and was especially commented because of Lady Gaga’s evening gown. I would call it tacky to go to a red carpet event wearing… red. Some of the ladies still decided to go with that style. One of my favorite looks was the dress of Sophie Turner which was matching the Oscar’s slogan – “We all dream in gold”.

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