The reason why I like Mondays

Weekly motivation that everyone needs from time to time

It’s such a cliché to hate Mondays, but every week or so a new meme pops up about hating Mondays. I find it strange that we don’t celebrate new beginnings. Like most things in life, it depends from your mind set. Don’t focus on the negativity. If you hate your job, why don’t you look for a new one during the weekend? If you feel underestimated, you can always ask for new responsibilities. Most bosses love giving new tasks to overly motivated employees. And if you suffer from the opposite and feel too stressed, take an evening yoga class with a friend so that you can relax. There is always a way.

Being negative is a vicious circle and you don’t want to be trapped in it. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not the most positive person in the world, but I see every Monday as a new opportunity. A little bit like people see January. I make a plan for the week on Sunday evening. I have my “new week resolutions” and I try to keep them. If you don’t succeed at going 3 times a week to the gym during the first couple of weeks of 2018, that’s an interesting take on the resolutions. You can motivate yourself by thinking “Hey a new week starts and this time I could get it right!”. Don’t stress yourself when you fail in something, just postpone the accomplishment for the next week. After all you have 52 opportunities to keep the promises you made to yourself. Chances are much higher then keeping the whole year your new years resolutions.

For a couple of months I had this tradition with some friends – we had weekly dinners on Monday. We were discussing the cool things we did during the weekend and our new plans. Ok, ok, we were also bitching about coworkers that had annoyed us during the day. Unfortunately this tradition was broken and we couldn’t renew it. You could take this simple example as a base and built your own traditions. Cocktails on Monday evening? Yes, please! You can find a nice place with happy hour and just gossip for a couple of hours. While others are lying on the couch contemplating social media, you can freshen up your Instagram with a nice picture and a clever caption. Ok don’t do that – food photos are so 2008… Do a instastory.


My personal motivation comes also from the fact that I like my coworkers. I have a couple of friends who I see mostly at work and that’s the reason why I start missing them during the weekend. We meet up earlier and go for a quick coffee. After that I can’t wait to start being productive.

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